Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Reports of Israelis rescuing Muslims from Muslims at Jihad Watch.
  • Knowing God … as an Orthodox at Glory to God for All Things.
  • Carl Olson at the Scoop is not persuaded by Mr Bloomberg’s abesience to the altar of scientism.
  • Mr Sullivan makes the wrong guess, in my view. Who is likely to be reliable, the biased green-zone MSM or General Petraeus commander of the successful campaign by the deuce-four? If “Petraeus’s assessment of Iraq is strikingly at odds with much of the coverage”, I’d believe Petraeus above the coverage.
  • A very important birthday noted at Missions and Theology.
  • Why David Wayne has been quiet … his parish is moving at Jollyblogger.
  • A play … but who bought tickets or gave it awards that’s the real question at The Belmont Club. How much would you pay to see “Osama the Hero”?
  • Aeronautical coolness, the SR-72 an improvement on the SR-71? Unmanned?
  • The surge as feint for Operation Arrowhead Ripper noted by Bill Roggio.
  • Ecumenism at Vindicated.

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