Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Pastor as prophet by Dr Claude Mariotini.
  • John Neuhaus at On the Square on the new Latin mass, Carl Olson has two posts at The Scoop.
  • Roman history and some new book on that topic reviewed at The Way of the Fathers.
  • On Spirit, liturgy, and countering the “single event changed my life” notion at Glory to God for All Things.
  • The Internet Monk on odd choices of words, such as “Jesus was really there” … he asks why include “really” in that sentence?
  • Humans, survival of the species, and a book at
  • Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings on a recent study about lead in the environment, which is interesting despite the few partisan cracks aimed at the right.
  • Apparently church relief organizations are just about all that remains in the recovery efforts from hurricane Katrina, at In The Agora.
  • Truth and civic order at The Belmont Club.
  • The monastic life (in Ohio) experienced and described at Everyday Liturgy.
  • The Belmont Club (also) notes that al-Qaeda is finding the going tough … what that might portend for our overall strategy is left as an exercise for the reader.
  • Combat ala bank vs Iran at Positive Liberty, like Dumas penned for the fate of M. Danglars in The Count of Monte Cristo?

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