Morning Highlights

Good morning.

  • Kim Fabricus at Faith and Theology offers 12 movies with “Great Christ figures”. Everybody is sure to disagree with his choices and have notions of ones he’s missed. So … join the comment fray.
  • On “bridzilla” and the social aspects of the modern wedding at Mere Comments.
  • The tyranny of the new at Sacramentum Vitae.
  • “Mutah”, or temporary marriages a part of Islam foreign to the West noted at Dhimmi Watch.
  • A roundup of women who blog theology at Levellers by Michael L. Westmoreland-White.
  • How do we find God’s Will in prayer considered at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength by the Weekend Fisher.
  • Confession … public, private or the Internet at Mere Orthodoxy by Matthew Anderson.
  • Tolls, roads, and vehicle types at Chicago Boyz by Ralf Goergens.

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