Morning Highlights

Good morning y’all.

  • You know how the “intellectual” elite keep wanting the US to be more like those members of the EU? Atlantic Monthly points out that Germany has no minimum wage.
  • Just the “facts” in sort of a what do you mean by “is” way, noted by Matt Jones at Random Acts of Verbiage.
  • The Vatican lays the groundwork for a episcopal gathering with a document, from which the patristic quotes have been culled at The Way of the Fathers.
  • The Head of the Moor comments on the justice of eternal damnation.
  • Words, metaphor, and the a modern musical considered by Meghan at Common Grounds.
  • Federalist paper #10 and the recent immigration proposal at Why They Act That Way.
  • While the Anglican/Episcopal split is on-going, not all is fission, one church has pulled back together noted by John at Notes from a Commonplace Book.
  • At Dawn Patrol … Planned Parenthood, fights. For the right. … To commit perjury?
  • Fr Stephen considers the crises of the truncation of  liturgy and faith at Glory to God for All Things.

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