Reflections on Genesis 2-3: (part 1) Freedom and Reason (recap)

Well, again the discussions were lively and interesting in our Bible study and more importantly I haven’t fallen too badly on my face. Actually, hubris is more likely my fault, as things seem to be going well. To recap, the lesson crystallized for me, that the story of Eden, Eve (+ snake) and the fall when read with a philosophical hermeneutic concentrating on what it teaches about freedom and reason is:

  • The proto-human description of an idyllic state exists in all of us and,
  • freedom and choosing (which entails in that action a concern and presumption of knowledge of good and bad) is integral to our makeup as well.
  • Furthermore our appetites and reason are tied into this as well, and the end result of this mix is
  • civilization.

For my notes on how this is arrived at, see this post (or get the book linked there). 🙂

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