A Brief Rebuttal

I had written earlier that the Democrats had offered no alternatives on the War in Iraq at the time, and although I got a trackback … neither did I get any alternative suggestions.

David Schraub at The Debate Link thinks the GOP is the one that lacks ideas. He has some specific examples:

  • That nobody has “any” idea what to do in Iraq now. Well … the Administration and the military seem to have plenty of ideas … he wrote this during a major anti-terrorist operation north of Badghad which is interesting for its contrasts with the force that had been requied in Falluja (and who is now doing the majority of the operations, i.e., Iraqis).
  • Social Security privitization. This he cites as a bad idea of the GOP (the insurance concept below also bears on this), but the Democratic counter to “any” idea as to how to fix this is to insist there is no problem. 40 years ago when the program was instated, the payroll tax was 1/2 of one percent. Now it is 15%. Much of that is due to changing demographics and lifespan averages. The GOP thinks this will get worse. The Democrats disagree. Reality based indeed. So are lifespans going to tend up or down in the future? The GOP thinks it is going up. Do the pessimistic Democrats think it is not?
  • Medicare reform. This was a program pushed through by the WH and to be honest, not a lot of conservatives think so highly of it. Personally I think we need a Consitutional Ammendment forbidding the federal government from engaging in any sort of insurance, medical or otherwise. The incentives are all wrong. Government is driven by short term payback to a voting electorate. The insurance is a long term idea, the short pay-off for politcian is to let the future take care of itself. The democratic “solution” is Univeral Healthcare, which I’m in the process of trying to understand … or more accurately understand how anybody but a healthcare professional might think this is by any stretch of the imagination a good idea.
  • Finally, Mr Schraub’s parting crack is that the GOP has only one idea (ignoring I guess the above which are in fact ideas just in his opinion poor ones) that cutting taxes is the only idea the GOP has. Clearly it is a little confusing to discuss several ideas the GOP has had and then claim they have none even if you disagree.

Mr Schraub is a poor representative for my question on Iraq, because he supports (supported?) it. He is upset that in his opinioin that the war was badly managed. This of course begs the question of what war in his estimation was well managed, because on close examination I think it might be found that the set of “well managed wars” is a very lonely one.

So, let’s try again, those liberal readers of mine. Was there any alternative to engaging Iraq in the Middle East in late 2002? I don’t recall hearing any, and if there was no real alternative, then why the opposition?

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