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Good morning.

  • Transcendentally clueless left. Mr Schraub at The Debate Link demonstrates the difference between right and left. Mr Obama wants to reward incompentence and to bribe the auto industry into being complict conspirators into even more federal regulations into our markets and our lives. As if the auto industry isn’t overregulated already, here’s more. Yep, ADM aside, mandating “every car in America” to be a “flex fuel vehicle” within ten years will sell real well in the heartland. Again we see the the difference between right and left regarding attitudes regarding the role of government intervention in our lives.
  • A hot topic today is the Colorado geography teacher suspended for a left-wing anti-American political rant in class which got released into the public square. Dignan dissects his diatribe.
  • Friday’s cat photo-blogging from Sarcasmagorical. Here and here.

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  1. David says:

    Shrug. I don’t know if the bill will get anywhere, but if it does, I’m willing to see who will win on it. Fuel economy is an issue that the people support government intevention on. And given that “flex-fuel” generally includes corn and other agricultural-based additives, the heartland tends to go WILD over it (why do you think every presidential campaign in the history of man has to assure Iowans about their pro-Ethanol stance?).

    This is, indeed the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans see environmental destruction, the prospect of massive corporate collapse putting millions out of work, and the near-assurance of untold numbers of retirees losing the healthcare benefits they counted on, and fret about government intervention. Democrats say: let’s fix the damn problem.

    But again, we’ll see whose vision wins out :).

  2. Mark says:

    The conservative counter to your last comment “fix the problem” vs do nothing is that Republican advice toward fixing those problems is not to make matters worse.

    For example, the fix for “massive corporate collapse putting millions out of work” might not be to further shackle and put regulations hampering industry to fix it. That’s akin to suggesting in a sinking boat to drill holes in the hull to “let the water out”.

    For example, unemployment. Democrats push more social/government intervention, but what state has less unemployment Hong Kong or France? Which has more government interaction with business? Do you really think those factors are independent?