Morning Links

Good morning.

  • Joshua aka RazorsKiss tells of a conversation at work about God, morals, and man. He requests advice on how to proceed.
  • John at Blogotional considers the questionable theology of a particular hymn his parish sang Sunday. He isn’t impressed. That reminded me of some fragment of N.T. Wright’s in which Mr Wright pointed out that much of the practical theology we learn on Sunday’s comes from your hymnal. Which makes examination of what we sing more relevant, eh?
  • Steve Burton at Right Reason writes about affirmative action for White Gentile Males in the Academy. He’s against affirmative action, but wonders why those who support it do not support it for WGMs.
  • Richard Fernandez at The Belmont Club writes about Iran and the Bomb. He advises downloaded this article from the US Army War College. Must we get ready for a new Cold War?

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