Morning Links

Some morning links on offer.

  • The Curt Jester notes some curtailed co-habitation by Professors at a Catholic University. One of the errant pair’s colleague however was not amused by the censure.
  • Marmion by Walter Scott posted by Justin Walters at Thirsty.
  • Richard Fernandez at The Belmont Club spots two good posts and adds his insight.
  • Richard Hall at Connexions has found that Flickr has a search facility based on a sketch you provide.

Some of these links were cross-posted at BlogWatch.

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One comment

  1. Justin says:

    Much obliged for the link, Mark! 🙂 I think linking adds traffic primarily because bloggers ravenously monitor their traffic logs, and enjoy visiting blogs that link to them.

    I’ll have to check out “Jesus and the Victory of God”… I’m trying to slowly chip away at “Reflecting the Glory”, also by Wright… dense – and rewarding!