Is the “everything was done wrong” an unpatriotic claim? Constructive criticism in time of war is not unpatriotic. But so much of the criticism is not constructive but intended for partisan aims. While helping in its primary (partisan) objective it also serves to aid the enemy. It is a calculated (or not!) strategy that hopes the aid to the enemy will be less damaging than the “hoped for” restorative that getting the opposition party back on top would effect. How fair are criticisms of actions done 2 years past, when 2 years ago the opposition did not propose better (or any) alternatives? Is aiding the enemy for partisan reasons patriotic? Certainly there are those on the way out radical left wing are strongly anti-American (while living here and reaping the benefits of its position in the world), but how about the more reasonable? Do the left wing bloggers review their posts and act themselves if they are aiding the enemy and reconsider? Do the MMSM journalists do the same? How about the knuckleheads in the opposition party in Congress?

Looking at some past wars those who complain, so many of their criticisms seem well unfounded. “Mistakes were made” is a completely disengenous and ahistorical claim. Please, I’d ask those who complain that the Iraqi campaign was not managed well, to point out one war that was!

I’m afraid I haven’t seen a “mistakes were made” claim being made that was either supportable or constructive. Have you?

(this was posted while waiting for a plane in LAX, btw. My journey so far is so good.)

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