Query for Later in the Week

OK, I’ve got two questions and to be honest, it germinated with thoughts on my up-and-coming essay on “The Duel”, but bear with me.

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Is it Death, dishonor, loss of friends and/or family, loneliness, betrayal, … or something else. The second question is related, how do you think most people would answer that question?

I have a suspicion that unlike previous era’s, this age finds Death the ultimate bugbear. But, I turn this over to the floor. What happenstance do you fear the most?

I was going to write an essay on this tonight, but I decided I’d take a “poll” first, on what my gentle readers think the answer is first … and then I’ll ponder out loud (as it were) on that topic.

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  1. Mr. Moderate says:

    That’s a tough question. I think my first reaction would be to say that the worse thing that I imagine happening to me is that I become mentally and/or physically disabled due to a stroke or serious accident and that I get stuffed away into a state run nursing home because I didn’t make financial and legal provisions for my care in that event. I’m working towards getting that stuff squared away but I’m not there yet.

    What is your answer to that question?

  2. Mark says:

    Mr Moderate,
    I think the thing I fear most is losing one of my children to the dangers of the world before they grow up.

    However, I agree it’s a tough question, I may change my mind when I write the essay tomorrow or Friday.