Christian Carnival LXXXVII

Or in Greek pi-zeta.

Welcome to the freeze dried version of the Christian Carnival. Having just added hot water we have … voila a carnival out of nothing.

Lots of wonderful entries. As befits an “instant” Carnival, I’m going to post the essay entries in chronological order instead of some nifty scheme.

Without further ado (below the fold please):

Blog Name Blog Author Post Title Summary
runalong with Pastor Mark Mark Swanson the passionate pursuit of nothing It’s a simple lesson we all know, but struggle with nonetheless. the cautionary tale of “Winter”, a man obsessed with visiting every Starbucks in the world, can serve as a parable that helps drive the point home. “Every time I reach a Starbucks I feel like I’ve accomplished something,” Winter said, “when actually I have accomplished nothing.”
Jordan’s View Alex Jordan Katrina: Was It A Judgment of God Katrina may, or may not, be a judgment of God, but like 9/11, certainly it is yet another call to repentance.
Common Folk Using Common Sense Shamalama Three Christian Women Found Guilty of All Charges The three women charged with violating Indonesia’s 2002 Child Protection Act by Christianizing Muslim children were found guilty today of all charges in an Indonesian court charged with anti-Christian radicals.
Dr. Hartline Jim Hartline Religion A religion is much more than the architecture of your house of worship, the emblem of your religion, the name of who you pray to, or whatever happens to be the predominant “tradition” where you were born.

A religion is instead the foundation of the worldview that you adhere to. A religion makes specific moral, philosophical, supernatural, and metaphysical statements that may or may not be correct.

An Accidental Blog Steve Bishop Science and miracles Steve, from An Accidental Blog, looks at the issue of science and miracles. His conclusion is that scientific descriptions of miracles are permissible but they are not the whole truth: ‘explanation is not explaining away’. A scientific explanations will not mean that there will be no place for miracles.
CowPi Journal Mark Woodward Psalm 139 — Reworded Slightly A simple change in pronouns and the insertion of your name makes it a love letter from God to you personally. And as a result, if prayed, it can deeply transform your whole sense of being.
Back of the Envelope Donald Crankshawr The Great Debate An ongoing debate between an agnostic and a Christian, covering topics ranging from the nature of the soul to the science of miracles. Mr. Satire Hollywood Glitterati Provide Literary Courses To Illiterate Angelenos Mr Satire lampoons an ill-starred (and big named) literacy plan.
GladManly Dadmanly God’s Hands On Part One of a study of Isaiah 45, in which Isaiah recounts how God does a mighty work, and uses Cyrus, but only as He might be exalted for Jacob His servant’s sake.
Alpine Summit quicksilver A House Divided This post describes the problems of strife between Christian religions in general and what we as Christian believers should really be focusing on: faith.
The Common Room DeputyHeadmistress What Churches Do Disaster relief by Christians.
Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength WeekendFisher Over-pruning the tree of life One question: is our theological Quality Control department out of control itself?
Beneath The Dirty Hood Gary “The high, the hell, the peace” “It was the whole process in miniature. Sometimes it goes on for years. This one happened over 54 hours.”
dokeo kago grapho soi krastistos theophilos Richard Anderson Thinking Outside the Box A new backpack, cross-training, and thoughts abouts creativity.
Pseudo-Polymath Me that is Mark Olson 😀 Men, Myth, and the Modern Era Some thoughts about worldviews. And don’t get miffed by my use of the word Myth. I clarified that last night.
Spruce Goose Bruce Harpel What If We Lived 1000 Years? If we had 1000 years to learn some lessons, what would we finally understand? This is relevant to those who miss the first resurrection and live during the millennium. During that time, those who live less than 100 years will be considered cursed. Isa. 65:20
a ticking time blog Byron Harvey “An Ethical Question” Wi-Fi is in the air all around us. Help me, o readers; since it’s “free”, is it ethical to tap in if we happen to find it?
A Penitent Blogger Penitens If I were a bishop… Reflections on service within the church
Always Thirsty Marla Swofferr Why Am I Always Thirsty? An explanation of why I changed my blog name from Marla Swoffer to Always Thirsty.
Attention Span Ed Gebert A Lost Friend Ever had a non-Christian friend die suddenly? That’s what happened to me this week. These are my thoughts shortly after I received the news.
Listen In Paula Geister And He Shall Be Called With an original piece of artwork that became a set of limited edition prints, Paula at Listen In honors the glory of God. She may not use every name in The Book, but it’s a good start.
Thought Renewal Lyn Perry Mind Power Into the 21st Century A review of Techniques to Harness the Astounding Powers of Thought.
all kinds of time… David Knowles A Christian Response to Hurricane Katrina Thoughts on why the church at large in America may be as guilty as anyone for the disaster in the South, and what we should be doing about it.
The Bible Archive Reynaldo Reynoso Why God’s Word Stands Looking at the Esau/Jacob Passage in Romans 9 within it’s far and near context.
Ales Rarus Funky Dung Mass on September 11 The mass readings for September 11 fit the anniversary perfectly. They tell us of God’s command to forgive. Have you forgiven the 9/11 hijackers?
ParableMan Jeremy Pierce Jesus and Circumcision Some non-obvious points to note about Circumcision and the synoptic Gospels.

Please email or comment to tell me of any errors or omissions.

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  4. Lyn says:

    Oops, I might have left off my name in the submission, but instead of Blog Author, my name is Lyn Perry of Thought Renewal and I appreciate you for stepping in at the last minute and hosting the carnival. Great job. As usual, I’m finding a number of good blogs to add to my blogroll. lgp

  5. Anne says:

    Thanks for doing the Instant Carnival!

  6. Mark says:


    Sorry about that, too much cutting and pasting. 🙂

    That should do it.

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  9. […] Ok, I am so overwhelmed at work that I haven’t had time to blog. (Making many of you happy, I am sure!) Anyway, I am breaking into my self-imposed…well, not self-imposed…exile to let you know that the Christian Carnival is up! Check it out at Pseudopolymath. I would like to say that the overall composition is improved by my contribution, but I failed to submit anything. There are many who would say that this was my contribution and my failure to submit DID improve the Carnival. Check it out and see. […]

  10. Marla says:

    Great job, especially on such short notice. I love charts. I’m wishing I could figure out how to make tables in Typepad–guess I need to track down the HTML code.

  11. rev-ed says:

    Thanks for steppin’ in, Mark! Good job!

  12. The Alliance says:

    Wednesday Linky Stuff

    Your Filthy Lie assignment: What vital information is missing from Instapundit’s “About Me” page? Is due by 11pm EDT Friday, September 16th. Late entries must be accompanied by a lame excuse. Josh of Multiple Mentality is closing down his Items

  13. Dee says:

    Thanks for stepping up to do the carnival, brother! You did a great job!

  14. Parableman says:


    Christian Carnival LXXXVII is at Pseudo-Polymath. Mark stepped in at the last minute and managed to get it up by the usual day, so he deserves special credit. Technogypsy did Christian Carnival LXXXVI. I never got around to linking to…

  15. Byron says:

    Nice work on short notice, Marko!

  16. Paula says:

    Thanks for the Instant Carnival. When I was a kid and the carnival came to my town, they were always able to set up overnight and we sure enjoyed the rides! Good job.

  17. Matt Jones says:

    Thanks for putting this together on such quick notice!

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